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How We Work

Our proven 5-Step Process has shown a number of companies the path to leveraging IoT and the related benefits. The key is to not rush the process but to take each step and make sure the ROI is real for your Enterprise.


Step 1

Identify the core process that needs to be improved within your organization.


Step 2

Run the numbers to see if it makes sense to even consider an IoT project.


Step 3

If the numbers pencil then we design and build a proposed proof of concept (POC) project for the main issue identified.


Step 4

Once proven then the POC can be expanded with greater certainty across your organization.


Step 5

Leverage our platform to monitor and measure your ongoing ROI for the IoT process implemented.

See how our platform works below for both fixed and mobile assets:


Our platform was designed to accept any sensor via our universal gateway and communication platform. In addition, to being able to connect to any device type and collect any type of data set our platform enables our clients the ability to capture-process and trigger and ERP connected actions needed to help run your Enterprise.

The core elements to focus on with our platform is its ability to connect to ANY device- collect ANY DATA format and MANAGE any process connected to every major ERP System (Oracle/SAP/JDEdwards):

How it works

Why Us

We have the experience to design and deliver world-class IoT Solutions with our Elephant Sense Platform so you don’t have to spend the time learning another technology and can keep your focus on running your business.

Ehs expertise

Our unique selling proposition:

Elephant Head does the IoT WORK for you! While you focus on running your core businesses.

Elephant Head becomes your Turn-key IoT Resource Team. So you don’t have to add a single FTE.

Elephant Head helps ensure the ROI Model delivers as planned. So you can track and defend the promised returns to your Executive Team.


Elephant Head has initially focused on three core vertical markets with its solution set. Our platform is perfectly suited to help deliver the key solutions required by these markets.


Manufacturing needs to come back to the US. In order to do that we need to implement greater cost cutting measures and IoT is one of them. Call our team of Industry experts to find out how IoT can help you and your team reduce costs now.


Food Distribution

Food Distribution is critical to our nation on three fronts: safety, compliance and a cost perspective. In order to maintain our security as a nation protecting our food supply is critical and with todays current processes there are opportunities to improve them.


Field Services

Field Services has many facets of which ensuring the up-time for equipment is one of the main ones. With IoT we can not fully extend the reach of your services teams to the point of action. We can help drive new sources of revenue and ensure support and maintenance agreement cost over-runs are kept to a minimum.



Elephant Head is an Enterprise product and software development firm with ten years of top-notch delivery experience. We have now pivoted and directed all of our efforts into building the worlds most flexible IoT Management Platform.


Aditya Nagrath, Founder & CEO of Elephant Head Software

Aditya Nagrath

CEO/CTO Founder

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Dr. Nagrath, Ph.D has over 20 years of experience and is a highly sought after Software Developer with extensive experience in developing cloud, mobile applications and embedded systems. He has worked on a wide variety of projects including set top boxes, atomic clocks, web management systems and backend cable systems for companies such as Lucent Technologies, Dish Network, RGB Networks, Palm, and Timing Solutions.

As the CEO of Elephant Head Software, Aditya has a proven track record bringing software products to market faster, with higher quality and reliability. He and his team pride themselves on providing high quality service and exceeding their clients' expectations. Elephant Head thrives on challenges and driving large data sets. They have an amazing ability to identify and understand problems, improve solutions and reduce running time.

Valentyna Savchenko, VP of Professional Services

Valentyna Savchenko

VP of Professional Services

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Valentyna Savchenko is a professional software outsourcing specialist, project manager and human resource professional with experience in software development, software outsourcing and the green industry.

As the Human Resources Director for Elephant Head Software, Valentyna manages recruitment and remote team management for outsourced software development. She recruits and hires contract developers, part, full time developers in the USA, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. Effectively manages communication between clients, the management team and the development team. She has managed opening offices in Ukraine and Mexico, setting up hiring process, payrolls, tax handling.

James Weldon, VP of Sales and Marketing

James Weldon

VP of Sales and Marketing

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James has built five companies over the last 20+ years and established a number of key strategic alliances that have resulted in over $150 million in new business. His efforts in e-commerce, social networking, technology and entertainment sectors have lead to Board of Director roles for over a dozen companies during the last two decades.

James currently drives sales at ePopDev, a company that helps its clients closely align their channel sales, both on and offline with their company's business goals and objectives. ePopDev's clients are able to leverage their expertise, rigorous sales management, new market design and development best practices in dealing with growth and sales expansion challenges.

Kostiantyn Mikhnievych, VP of Engineering

Kostiantyn Mikhnievych

VP of Engineering

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Full stack Ruby on Rails software developer taking part in different areas of web development. "I'm working with cloud based, client-server applications and mobile applications. I use Ruby and Ruby on Rails framework every working day among with javascript/jQuery, HTML(5)/CSS, SASS, Coffeescript. In free time I discover other frameworks such as Angular JS, Backbone JS, emberJS, node JS, etc. I use Rspec and Capybara for TDD and Git for my projects.

Besides web development I have a couple of android applications posted on Google Play market.
Development, bugfix and support for Android and iOS data backup applications. UI bugfixes for iOS and MAC OS X desktop applications. Working with Ruby on Rails and Javascript on a couple of web applications for education and media. Writing new features, bugfix for java web project (both front end and back end) using Java, Javascript, Angular framework etc."


Elephant Head is an Enterprise product and software development firm with ten years of top-notch delivery experience. We have now pivoted and directed all of our efforts into building the worlds most flexible IoT Management Platform.

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IoT Feasibility Audit

Enables your firm to determine is a valid bussiness case exist for IoT before spending any resources on a Proof of Concept or Expand Rollout

Timeline and process

In less than two weeks your firm can determine if exploring and testing an IoT project is worthwhile. This analysis includes one site visit and the requisite interviews with the related process owners.

The IoT Feasibility Audit covers the following key areas:


Executive Summary

Overview of the purpose of the IoT project and bottom-line impact on the business.

Review of Processes

Considered for IoT Proof of Concept this would include impact on cost savings and revenue generation areas.

Technology Consideration

Based on the processes analyzed our team will provide a gap analysis on what it would take to “IoTize” the processes targeted for testing.

Marketplace Alternatives

Explore the other options could your firm could implement to implement an IoT proof of concept. From replacing the existing equipment to considering alternate sensors to changing IoT platforms and integration approaches.

Organization Impact

On your staff, resources and processes from a production perspective.

Project Milestones and Timeline

How long will a proof of concept take to design, implement and prove out the results. Also, we will outline the time line for an expanded rollout as part of the analysis.

Business Case and
Financial Projects

What are the financial implications projected by implementing an IoT process in your firm. This section will include both the CAPX and OPEX analysis as well as the impact on operational costs and revenue objectives.

Next Steps for Proof
of Concept

If warranted by the business case our plan will include the top two processes to test and implement for a proof of concept.